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So here’s that part two video about the marriage advice we received on our wedding day! The first video was me going through pieces of “bad” (cliche, not the best to follow) advice and why I think it’s not the best to follow. For this video, however, I wanted to keep it more positive and focused on all the GOOD advice we received on our wedding day because there truly were some great things said to us that stuck with us! :)

I flipped through our album of cards and found 6 pieces of advice that I would consider being great advice for us to follow. As I mention in the video, some of the advice can seem like basic “DUH!” stuff, yet we tend to neglect it periodically! These basic things truly do go a long way, and I’ll tell you why in this video below! Make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel so you stay up to date with all Freshly Married tips!



This video is helpful for everyone because 1) It reminds you to do more of these “marriage 101” tips in your own marriage!  2) It gets you thinking about the advice that has worked for your marriage.  3) It gets us thinking about the advice we give to others, which is important because the advice received from friends and family can be the most influential.

Wanna share some more great marriage advice you were given? Please comment below, we would all love to hear it! Or even if you want to just say, “AMEN!” to something that has already been mentioned :)

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