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I know how the river feels, diamond rio

I found this quote a long time ago, and it has been my favorite ever since. Unfortunately, I don’t like the song that these words come from, haha. I will credit the band and the song though anyways. The lyrics come from the song, “I Know How The River Feels,” by Diamond Rio.

I know how the river feels, diamond rio

As a young adult, there were so many directions to go, and many crucial life decisions coming at me. For years I didn’t know where I needed to be, until I felt ready for my ultimate goal: to find my eternal companion. What a journey that was. Think about your own journey of how you ended up with your spouse. Was it long? Did you encounter some rough waters? When I think about this quote, I realize that we are all just rivers trying to find our sea. And for those of us who have found it, we now know those feelings of peace and overwhelming love. I am thankful that I get to feel that each and every day with Trevor.

The History

This week is our first wedding anniversary, so I felt like this was the perfect time to share it. Especially since I included this in my speech at our wedding dinner. This quote was specifically for Trevor, as those words were no truer than that day, where our love was given to us for eternity. My personal journey in getting there was a difficult one. I traveled through rough waters experiencing much heartache and personal struggle. In trying to overcome these trials, it came to the point that I couldn’t progress any further on my own, and that’s when Trevor came into my life. When I knew he was the one, it felt like I had finally found my home. He was my home. Everything felt like it truly was meant to be. And at that point, I knew that journey was through.

I’m not sure what you would call this next journey of ours that we are on, but I have enjoyed every day of this last year with him, as we have traveled on this road together. Here’s to many more years to come!

Everyone enjoys a lovely quote, especially the personal and more meaningful ones. Share with us one of your favorite love quotes, and why it means so much to you!


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