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six month anniversary, celebration

Trevor laughs at all the little moments in our relationship I try to commemorate, or that I feel the need to commemorate. When he sees a bottle of sparkling cider in the cupboard, I think he traces his memories to find out what moment I’m wanting to make a toast about with it (haha). Well, today is our six month anniversary, so naturally, I pulled out a bottle to celebrate over dinner. :) And of course, we had to drink out of the glasses we used at our wedding. (I know, I’m so cheesy!)

What a fun adventure it has been so far. It seems to have gone by at a perfect speed; not too fast, but not too slow. Just enough to enjoy it.

As most of you do, we have also set goals for our relationship. Some of those goals have been accomplished better than others. One of them I have enjoyed seeing us accomplish together, is going to the temple once a month. What a great blessing it has been to our lives to go there, and escape from our long days of work, homework, and the other stresses and demands we feel daily. These date nights are among my favorites. So we decided to celebrate this little anniversary there. We went with friends, and performed a work that reminded us of the sacred promises we made to each other just six months ago.

I thought those romantic and nostalgic feelings would continue today, but they didn’t. Instead they were even better, filled with even more gratitude and love for Trevor. He took care of me all day, skipping church, to help me recover from a migraine, and other pains due to my sinus surgery. He made me happy, he made me laugh, and is still doing that right now, as I speak! Sleeping throughout the day, missing church, and being sick was not how I pictured our celebratory day together, yet I loved it more than what I was expecting. What better way to celebrate your marriage, than to be caught in the middle of the very acts of service and love that brought you together in the first place?

We are still learning so much about each other daily. Though some things are taking us awhile to learn and understand, I’ve seen so much growth in both of us since the day our marriage began. We’ve accomplished so much together, as well as individually, and will continue to do so. These past six months have not been perfect, and not every day has been stars and butterflies in our apartment, but we’ve seen countless blessings surround us and those we love. I know that our marriages can be surrounded by blessings if we look for them daily, despite the hardships we may be facing. Though not every adventure we go on from here to eternity will be happy, I’m still looking forward to them nonetheless.

Keepin' marriage fresh,

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