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Marriage metaphors, marriage and hiking, marriage is like a hike, newlywed adventures, marriage adventures, hiking adventures, hiking in relationships

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Back in college I had to do an assignment relating marriage and relationships to something. It could be an object or an action, we just had to explain why. I found a lot of similarities between hiking and marriage so I wrote all those down here for you! :)

It’s a crazy, fun, stressful, scary, beautiful adventure together.

It starts out with a lot of excitement and energy, looking forward to the journey.

The first little bit is easy, then the climb gets a little harder.

There are some scary switchbacks, but also calm and safe trails.


You’ve learned from others of what is important to bring with you, for a successful trip;

The survival essentials like food, water, maybe a first aid kit, a phone.

You’ve even packed mosquito repellent, though they sometimes bite you anyways.

But there are other things that might happen that you didn’t prepare for…

Sometimes your spouse gets injured, and you have to take care of them, or even carry them.

Or you get injured and they have to carry you.


It’s nice to have breaks every once in awhile.

Breaks to refill your canteen, sit down, and take a picture.

And don’t forget those lovely picnics!

Those picnics tend to be the highlights of the hike;

You get to rest, feel the cool breeze, refuel and enjoy being with each other;

The things to sustain you for the rest of the hike.


There’s sometimes forks in the trail.

One might be more difficult for you both, or maybe just more difficult for one of you.

You both have to decide which one to take with the help of your  knowledge, and feelings.

We rely on things like maps to advise us.

Or sometimes we rely on people to advise us, family, friends, and God.


Sometimes the weather is absolutely perfect; not too hot, not too cold.

However, you can never 100% predict the weather.

You weren’t planning on rain, yet it could rain, and it could pour.

It could also have a spell of bright sun, so break out that sunscreen you brought, just in case.


The trail can get steep, to the point that you both have to pause and catch your breath.

The path can also get rocky.

So rocky that one of you might want to stop and go back.

Or so rocky that you have to help each other to the top.


But it’s a rewarding feeling when you do make it to the top.

You get to look out at the pretty view, soaking it in, hand in hand.

You conquered that difficult trail, and get to go back down the mountain with more ease.

Every trail has rocks and dirt.

Every trail has smooth parts, just like every trail has rocky parts.

Your goal from the start was to make it to the top, make it through whatever difficulties might come.

How is that goal coming?

Marriage metaphors, marriage and hiking, marriage is like a hike, newlywed adventures, marriage adventures, hiking adventures, hiking in relationships

Relationships are tough, sometimes like a rocky hike! We all know this. Being a newlywed, I saw how things really do feel like pure happiness in the beginning. It’s still happiness, but it isn’t that every second! Haha, we all know this too. Though our adventure is difficult at times, I love climbing it with Trevor. He waits for me to catch up to him. He doesn’t complain when I’m a slowpoke!. He fills up my canteen without being asked. He gives me balance when I hold his hand when my footing is not secure. And he carries me up the mountain when my body is physically suffering.

Since our adventure is still at the beginning, we know we have rocky trails still ahead of us. However, we also know we have more scenic views to look forward to. I know the higher we go, the more beauty we can look out and see. And I know it will get even more beautiful when we reach the top. :)

Keepin' marriage fresh,

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