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I’m so glad we happened to get a blooper photo of me actually picking my husband up because it worked perfectly for this ;)

Mondays can be hard, huh? It’s beginning another week of the daily grind, wishing you could go back to Friday :) What helps us get by on these days where we are lagging? Sometimes it’s a funny video on youtube. Other times it’s a diet coke or brownie. Who are we kidding? Every day it’s brownies ;) But don’t you think a spouse can be a Monday morning pick-me-up, too?

I know Trevor’s my pick-me-up on many days, not just specific Mondays! When I get down on myself and face things I’d rather not be doing, he’s there to lift me with encouragement about life and about myself. He reminds me of the abilities I have and all the amazing things I have learned about and grown from. He makes me laugh, or does nice things for me. He reminds me of the blessings that surround us daily, and to continue noticing them. He gives me bursts of hope that not only carry me for one day, but multiple days ahead.

It’s not just those important things, though. Sometimes, it’s a funny meme to make us laugh at and escape from work/life for sixty seconds. Those are the little things we can do. I started to do them back to him occasionally. Some days are just really busy, but taking that little bit of extra time to send a funny, uplifting, or encouraging message to them can make a difference.

The boost that lasts the longest

I’ve had many days recently where I’m lagging. Sure a few silly videos or positive news articles are a great kick in the pants of happiness for me, and my dr. pepper tastes pretty darn refreshing. However, the longer lasting boosts seem to come from the people who mean the most to us. Though I love my family and friends, Trevor’s opinions and encouragement are the ones that influence me the most. I bet that is the same situation for many of you. It’s not always easy to be there for your spouse when you might be struggling yourself, but I know that the effort to try is important.

At times I think we take spousal encouragement and compliments for granted thinking, “They are my wife, they have to say that!” We did commit to always lift each other up, yes. But I think it’s more about the sincerity behind what they say rather than their motivation for saying it. Besides, providing the encouragement is better than not providing it because trust me, they’ll notice its absence!

Be your spouse’s “Monday morning pick-me-up!” Strive to be that every day, especially on the hard days. Whether it’s through uplifting words or kind deeds, I know it will make the difference in their life and in your marriage :)

Keepin' marriage fresh,

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