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Cute notes at a reception - the guest sign them, then hang them from the line with clothes pins!

Well, more like, the best friends before we met our spouses.

Saturday was Trevor’s (before me) best friend’s wedding. It was a beautiful, yet hot, day full of love and happiness for them. It was a long-awaited day for them, especially since we both started dating within a week of each other, and were engaged about the same time. It was so hard for those boys! They were so in love with us and they just kept waiting until we fully came around! Anyways, it was a fun day for them, and us. The day of course, was NOT about Trevor and I. However, it sure did spark another deeper level of love for us…

.. Especially FROM this game of who said it, haha

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Within the four weeks before I was married, two of my (before Trevor) best friends, were married. It was so exciting for me to watch their happiness on that day. It also, made it harder for me to keep waiting the 30 more days until I felt that happiness! The great thing about Saturday’s ceremony, was that I was able to attend this one. It was the first Temple marriage sealing that I had attended since witnessing my own. What a blessing that was to hold hands with my husband, while listening to the words said to our friends, and be reminded of the words that were said to us, at our own ceremony. The gratitude, love, and respect, that I have for Trevor grew even deeper, and it did the same for him.

That is how I spent my Saturday; falling in (deeper) love with my husband.

Keepin' marriage fresh,

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