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Birthday, Turning 23, gaming

My twenty-second year was the best year of my life.

Yesterday, I told Trevor my feelings on this past birthday year, and how I think it’s going to be hard to top. He said, “Oh, don’t say that! We are together, so every year is going to get better and better.” I loved it. I think trials are bound to happen in the years ahead of us, because there is so much more that we get to, and need to experience. I think we all will have one of those years in our marriage that seemed to be the best, and I’m sure the veteran couples will comment and tell us that the best years are not behind us! But I’m also not afraid of the inevitable trials that will come, because like Trevor was saying, every year will be great because we are together. And like Taylor Swift said, “Everything will be alright if we just keep dancin’ like we’re 22!”  (Sorry, I had to. It worked so well with the topic. Forgive me.)

On Turning 23

There is also something else unique about today. It’s National Old Stuff day, which means that instead of doing the same old stuff, in the same routine, you do something different today. Sometimes I think these National whatever days are created just to see if people will do them. Think of all the banana creme pies that will probably be purchased today just because it has been deemed a holiday. However, I think this is very fitting today, especially that it lands on the same day as my birthday.

Birthdays are for celebration, reflection, and starting something new. I’m at a new age, and can see new opportunities coming our way. I decided to use this as an opportunity to decide what new thing I want to implement into my marriage. Learn a language together? Take a risk on something? Try new foods together? Learn how to play an instrument so I can play with Trevor? Go on an adventure out of our comfort zone? The possibilities are endless. I am excited to think about this! Whatever it may be, it’s a chance to mix things up, and a step towards making this next year of our lives even better than the last. Maybe National Old Stuff Day will inspire you to do something new in your marriage.


Keepin' marriage fresh,

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