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Well, Trevor and I have now been married for one year! It’s an interesting feeling of happiness, pride, excitement, and weirdness at the same time… if that makes any sense, haha. It is weird because of how quickly, yet slowly the year went by, and how different we are from a year ago! We were individuals that learned how to be one. We made plans, and some of those plans changed in unexpected ways. It’s been crazy sometimes, but I’ve loved every second of it!  I think we learn more about our spouse than we knew before, and while I think this is a good thing, sadly, there are some who don’t like what they see, and they get out. That is why I think the first year can be looked at as one of the most important years in marriage.

Think about your first year of marriage

For those of you who are married, think about how your first year of marriage went. There was probably a lot of adjustments to make in getting used to living with another person, including adjusting your own habits and lifestyles. There was probably arguments had that were the first of their kind, which made it harder to know how to handle them. There were also great things about it, like learning even more new things about your spouse. You probably got to see them serve you in ways you didn’t see before, or make difficult sacrifices for you. And perhaps, through all of it, you fell in love with them even more.

Learning and moving forward

This is similar to how our first year of marriage went. We learned a lot about each other, in a good way. We encountered bumps and hills that were stressful to overcome, but we worked through it together. And I know that as we establish this pattern of overcoming these first bumps, it is building us to overcome more bumps and hills that we may encounter later on. If we don’t understand how each other handles stressful situations, and know how to work through them together, then I think those hills become harder to climb. This is what I came to know the most about our first year of marriage.

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Trevor and I aren’t perfect at handling our arguments quite yet, haha. I don’t know a lot of couples that are perfect at it. However, our arguments have become easier to handle because we now understand each other better. I think we’ll continue to understand each other better, as our second year comes, as well. In our second year of marriage, I hope to know Trevor even more. I hope to understand him even more. I hope that we make even more great memories, and love each other even more.

Please share with us the things you learned, or are learning in your first year of marriage!


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  • You said it perfectly! The first year of marriage is such a learning experience! You learn so much about each other. For us, the first year has been like a roller coaster. There have been great times, sad times, silly times, hard times, etc. But it’s so worth it! I feel like the hard times bring you closer together as a couple. I find that I love my husband more and more everyday, and with each trial we just get closer and closer. We learned in our first year, that the only people we have to rely on are God and each other. We also are not perfect at handling arguments, and I don’t think we ever will be, but we don’t have them as frequently as we did when we first got married, and we know what to do to avoid a potential argument. Josh and I have a phrase if one of us starts to get frustrated, the other one says “Reset!” And we drop it and come back to the problem when we are in a more rational mood. It’s so great to have someone to learn with and grow with. I’m so happy for you guys! What an awesome example of marriage y’all have set for others! We love you guys so much! Happy First Year! :)

    • That is so sweet of you Katherine! Thank YOU for sharing with us what you have learned during your first year of marriage. I love your idea of calling a reset! Sometimes I think that in my head, when I see how far we have gotten off of the real problem. What a great idea. We might steal it haha. You are amazing! Keep up your amazing marriage!

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