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When we first started thinking about the idea of moving and buying a house, it was difficult to be fully invested in the idea because there were multiple factors that were up in the air that could alter that idea. It really felt like everything was about timing. We weren’t sure if the timing was right with me going back to school. We also weren’t sure if we should save up a little more, though we did already have a down payment.

Another timing issue, was that I was worried we should take more time to look around. Though we seemed to have decided on the community of where we would want to live, we didn’t know if we should still keep looking since it was our first time buying a home. Everything I read, seemed like it was a long process, and that we should take our time since it was a big decision. That made sense so we did that. However, after a lot of research and time, we kept coming back to Daybreak and its awesomeness. I mean, it has a beautiful lake, it’s in a booming community, it’s near the Latter-Day Saint Oquirrh Mountain Temple, and Trevor’s favorite: we get fiber internet! There were so many great things about this place that we just didn’t want to live anywhere else!

In a matter of about 5 months, each of these factors on our “timing checklist” (I guess you could call it), was getting checked off one by one…. We looked over our finances and found that it could work out with me not working and being a full-time student. Then we decided that considering all financial factors, it would be in our best interest to get a house now. The only thing really left on our checklist was when. Looking back at it, we weren’t really in a huge rush to move. Other than the long commute to work that Trevor was driving every day, living in Provo was just fine for us. So with realizing there was no rush, I kept my eyes open for good homes up for sale, and any new home plans that came up on Daybreak’s website.

It just makes sense

During this time, was when we started to get those feelings about Provo, that I wrote about in the post, “The Thing About Provo.” It was just making more and more sense to us that this was a great time to leave, especially since we knew that eventually we would end up in Daybreak anyways. There were almost no cons to the idea… Except for this one annoying problem I had with the emotional side of leaving… Provo has so much nostalgia wrapped up in it for us, and I was having trouble with feeling ready to leave that behind. We knew the houses being built in Daybreak would take anywhere between 4-6 months to build so I had a feeling that by that time, I would feel ready to leave. With that in mind, we decided to continue seriously looking.

In continuing my search, I kept going back to this one floor plan and model home we saw a few months earlier. We really loved it. It seemed to meet a lot of our wants and needs over any other plans I saw. We wanted to have at least three bedrooms in the home, for when we have children, and also have the option of expanding into the basement. So this two-story plan with the unfinished basement was very appealing to us in accordance to the price. Trevor felt the same way about it, so we made an appointment to find out if there were any homes being built currently with this home plan. If there were, Trevor and I were most likely going to go ahead and put down a deposit so they could get started.

Something unexpected

The night before our appointment we were writing a list of questions to ask and pulled up the floor plan on the website to reference. My heart dropped when I saw that the price of the home now listed on the website was $40,000 more…. Uhhh?? What. I wasn’t sure if it was a typo, or if they would be able to change the price for us since we made an appointment before the price change happened. Either way, I was freaking out. And either way, I was hoping it would work out as I said to myself, “Goodness. Timing really is everything.”

I will share the rest of the story in another post, since it’s getting quite long. For now, you can take from this half of the story the idea that timing really is everything to the big decisions in our lives. Sometimes the timing may not be something we are happy with. But as I have seen many times with the experiences in my life, the unexpected timing turned out to be the best timing :)


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