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If you read Part 1, you’ll know that we went into our appointment feeling worried about the huge price increase on the home plan we were interested in the most. We let them know we were very serious about this home, but that the price jump was going to be a deal-breaker for us. We asked the rep if there was anything they can do for us on that, since it happened literally overnight. He said he would show us the lots they have planned to build this home plan at, while he checked out what he could do about the price.

The moment of truth

He first took us to the house that was 3/4 built (our house), and we fell in love! We were feeling really good about it except for the price. It was time for the moment of truth: would we be able to afford it still? Our rep let us know that although there was a price increase, any homes that were already in construction before the price change, have to be honored at the original price. So basically, we would be able to purchase the house we were standing in, that we loved nearly everything about, at our originally planned price :) Woot woot! What a happy moment that was. He told us we would need to put down a deposit to hold the house for us if we were 100% about taking it. Usually they have to know within 24 hours and have a check in hand, but we were lucky enough to have four days to decide since it was the Fourth of July weekend.

With all the great things about this house, and especially the deal we would be getting on it, the decision was feeling like a no-brainer to us. The only thing that was standing in our way of saying yes was me and my annoying emotions and troubles with change, haha. When we went into the appointment, I was wasn’t planning on a house being available to us this soon, so I was a little caught off guard realizing that if we did take the house, I would have to pack up all my nostalgic memories of Provo sooner. That was hard for me and it brought up some long talks between Trevor and I about it, and a lot of tears on my part because again, I’m a baby and have a hard time with change. Suddenly I was having worries over making friends there, or worrying that everyone would have kids already except for us. And I was also worried that it might be weird with me still being a student, unsure if anyone else would be. Basically all of this came down to my biggest worry: that I would have trouble fitting in.

Lagging behind

After talking about it more with Trevor we came to realize that in a way, Trevor has kind of already moved, considering he works in Riverton five days a week, and has already made friends with his coworkers who all live in Daybreak too. For me, I am here in Provo/Orem each day being at school or at home. When we realized this, I understood even more how important it was for us to move. I started to understand that our lives were moving forward onto our next adventure, except that (understandably) Trevor had one foot in Riverton and another in Provo, while I still had both feet in Provo.

I firmly believe that progression is a way we can find happiness in life. One of the biggest steps towards that is marriage, in my opinion, because I think our lives come to a point where we need a sidekick that enhances the best parts of ourselves, in order to further our happiness. Trevor and I were experiencing this feeling at the time we started dating, and I’ve wanted to keep that idea going through the rest of our marriage, of us progressing together, walking side by side. When it came to location, it seemed like I was lagging behind.

So What?

We had four days to make the decision, and though it took me all four days to realize all of this, I’m glad it happened. Trevor was very understanding of my feelings, though they may have seemed silly. He said that my emotional well-being was more important and if I wasn’t ready then we can just wait for awhile and continue to live in Provo. But as we weighed the pros and cons both together and individually, I realized that my one important con was not a good enough reason to turn down the house. We are going to end up in Daybreak at some point anyways, and no matter when we would move, I knew I would still have an emotional hesitation with it just because that is what I do.

I felt a comforting feeling knowing that all the fears I had are circumstantial and can also change. So what if making friends might not be easy? That doesn’t mean I won’t ever make friends. So what if I’m a student? We’re still 23, this is what people my age are doing, so it’s fine. And so what if everyone else has kids? That does’t mean I have to right now, and it also means that my nieces will have kids to play with when they visit, haha. All these fears started not to matter anymore.

By the fourth day we were heavily leaning towards going ahead with buying the house. We had prayed about it, we looked at it all practically and financially, and it all just made sense to do it. We planned to have my father-in-law, who is a contractor, walk through the house to find any structural reasons why we shouldn’t take the house, and he didn’t find any reason why we shouldn’t take it. It reaffirmed our feelings again. So finally, we officially put down the deposit and signed the contract!

Great things make you grateful

Some great things happened after that. Our home builder, David Weekly Homes, has some very personable employees, I tell you! They knew all of our neighbors around us so far, and were able to tell us their names and a little about them. We found some things out about our diverse neighborhood that comforted us, and especially me. Another great thing was the feelings we had on our drive home after signing the contract. I felt even better about it as we drove past our community and the surrounding cities, feeling a sense of comfort there. Last but not least, I was feeling so much gratitude. Gratitude to Trevor for being loving to me with the concerns I had, while also trying to give me encouragement. And grateful that we got to this point of buying a house. I’m thankful for the hard-working and talented husband I have that made this possible for us.

That is our house story, I’m sorry it was so long! There was just a lot that I learned throughout this whole process about my marriage, myself, and life in general. At some point, we all move and the decision to do that can be difficult whether it be from fears of fitting in, fears of financial security, or fears of leaving a place you loved. In the two posts of telling this story, I shared experiences with timing, patience, faith, and overcoming fears. I hope that those experiences helped at least one of you somehow. I can’t guarantee that wherever you move to will be stars and butterflies, just like I can’t guarantee that where we are moving is stars and butterflies. I do know that faith is a comforting feeling, however. I’ve put faith in this move we are about to make, because I know that no matter where we live, I’ll still have Trevor.


Keepin' marriage fresh,

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