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The struggles happening to everyone right now all over the world due to the Coronavirus Pandemic is so disheartening. It seems like the toll is being taken so harshly on people emotionally or financially. To try and ease the financial burden just a little bit, along with the stress your relationships might be feeling right now, I would love to give a few lucky couples a chance to win some gift card prizes! I would rather give prizes that help you to have a connecting date night, but this seems to be the best fitting help right now for couples to use as they need. Your quaran-team deserves this!

A Prize for Your Quaran-team

For this specific contest happening right here on, one randomly chosen winner will receive a $100 Amazon gift card! You can enter to win in the following super easy ways:

  • Comment on this blog post with something you love about your spouse! A quality, personality trait, quirk, or specific experience!
  • For a second entry: In a separate comment, write down which blog post from Freshly Married has helped your marriage in some way.

Enter between now and Monday, April 27th, 2020 at 11:59pm MDT. The one randomly chosen winner for the $100 Amazon gift card will be announced by Friday, May 1st, 2020. This prize is solely sponsored through Freshly Married and not Amazon. Winner understands that gift card will be directly emailed to them. The winner will be contacted and must respond by email within 48 hours or forfeit their prize to a runner-up. Must be 18 years of age or older to enter, and be a resident of the U.S.

WINNER: Keelye J you are the randomly chosen winner!!! Congratulations!

Three other gift card giveaways are taking place over on the Freshly Married Instagram page, so head over there to enter to win $50 gift cards from Mentionables, Grubhub, and DoorDash!

Keepin' marriage fresh,


  • Something I love about my husband is how much effort he puts into making me happy. He goes above and beyond to make sure I have everything I need and that I am happy. I love his smile and funny personality as it always keeps me happy and having fun.

  • I love how sweet and funny my husband is! He always makes me laugh, and he is good at knowing when I need an extra hug. I’m so grateful for him!!

  • I love how hard working my husband is. He works tirelessly to make our lives comfortable and perseveres through many challenges!

  • One blog post that I liked was the one with questions to ask your spouse. We keep it in the glove box in our car! Another one that helped me was one on intimacy. You did a video a while back about some books suggestions. I ended up getting one of the books that ended up helping me!

  • I love that my husband is such a hard worker! His hard work shows me that he is dedicated to our family. I also love that he makes me laugh every single day :)

  • I love that he helps me catch up the housework even though I’m a stay at home mom and he works full-time plus overtime. And he’s a great dad.

  • My husband is so great with the kids! They have so much fun with him and he always knows when I need a break and sweeps in to help! He’s so helpful!

  • One blog I really liked was the one about the 100 questions to ask your spouse. Even though we have been together for a few years this was such a great way to have fun and get to know new things

  • I love that even though we are passing through this quarantine my wife is still pushing me to further my education so I can better provide for her and our baby that’s in the way

  • Mine is partially a blog post/partially coming to your event and it was the punny cards. We actually came across the one I wrote for him soon after we got married and had a good laugh about “I don’t understand your obsession with __Bo Jackson__, but I still love you”

    • My husband and I have been working long hours during all this COVID madness and through it all, he’s still supportive and positive. He helps people everyday and still find a way to help me and the kids. He’s truly my best friend.

  • I have loved watching my husband become a dad. I find myself secretly recording him with our baby girl because it is when he seems the most happy, care free, and goofy and I love seeing those qualities come out in him.

  • I believe the blog post that I loved and changed my thought process in marriage was an old one you wrote call The Compromise…or something along those lines. 😬
    Anyway, it really helped me see that we could both do the things we wanted to do…we could both still be us…but that we good give and take a little so it didn’t seem so one sided.

  • Something I love about my husband is his eagerness to still have dates during all of this craziness. We have a monthly car wash membership and every day he comes upstairs from “work” and we go through the car wash for a mini-date! His idea, and so needed during the chaos. ❤️ So great to chat without little ears listening and to be able to unwind and listen to some jams in the car. ☺️

  • So many good blogs to choose from! I really enjoy the 100 Questions to Ask Your Spouse and Is Your Marriage on Cruise Control? I find us using the questions a lot on date nights when we are waiting for our table or are in the car driving… Such a great way to connect!

  • My spouse has found a fun and unique way for us to spend quality time together by using his music production skills and my singing skills to create a music album. We both look forward to our music time together and fill that it has created a fun way for us to purposefully connect during this time.

  • I really enjoyed the Why your spouse won’t be your everything and ways that you can dream together. Sometimes we have separate dreams and it’s nice to come together and share with another.

  • I love how my spouse serves me so much. I am more of a physical touch person but I have learned so much from that quality in him.

  • I have two posts that have helped us actually. The punny cards are always a hit, and the 100 questions to ask your spouse have really opened up some good conversations.

  • I love how my spouse has really stepped up to the plate. I’m 33 weeks pregnant, and our 6 year old broke his foot and is non weight bearing. He’s ready to jump in and carry him where and when needed. He’s a champ!

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