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The struggles happening to everyone right now all over the world due to the Coronavirus Pandemic is so disheartening. It seems like the toll is being taken so harshly on people emotionally or financially. To try and ease the financial burden just a little bit, along with the stress your relationships might be feeling right now, I would love to give a few lucky couples a chance to win some gift card prizes! I would rather give prizes that help you to have a connecting date night, but this seems to be the best fitting help right now for couples to use as they need. Your quaran-team deserves this!

A Prize for Your Quaran-team

For this specific contest happening right here on, one randomly chosen winner will receive a $100 Amazon gift card! You can enter to win in the following super easy ways:

  • Comment on this blog post with something you love about your spouse! A quality, personality trait, quirk, or specific experience!
  • For a second entry: In a separate comment, write down which blog post from Freshly Married has helped your marriage in some way.

Enter between now and Monday, April 27th, 2020 at 11:59pm MDT. The one randomly chosen winner for the $100 Amazon gift card will be announced by Friday, May 1st, 2020. This prize is solely sponsored through Freshly Married and not Amazon. Winner understands that gift card will be directly emailed to them. The winner will be contacted and must respond by email within 48 hours or forfeit their prize to a runner-up. Must be 18 years of age or older to enter, and be a resident of the U.S.

WINNER: Keelye J you are the randomly chosen winner!!! Congratulations!

Three other gift card giveaways are taking place over on the Freshly Married Instagram page, so head over there to enter to win $50 gift cards from Mentionables, Grubhub, and DoorDash!

Keepin' marriage fresh,


  • There was a blog post I read about conversations topics for couples – which I think is great! Sometimes we have a hard time coming up with conversations about ourselves, and not about the kids or finances, etc. Those questions are suited perfectly for us!

  • I love watching my husband be a dad! Especially when he doesn’t think anyone is watching. He is so caring and gentle with our boys, just one of many things I love about him!

  • My husband never raises his voice in our almost 8 years of marriage and I am still in awe!

    He is so humble-always apologizing so quickly after a disagreement or mishap. He gives people the benefit of the doubt and does not judge harshly.

    Amy the work you do ok this blog is incredible! I am so glad you feel so passionately about marriage-you are helping save families and thus society and I would boldly say the world!

  • I liked your post “How Many Times we Should be Having Sex”. It can be easy to skip over those hard topics or be vague answering questions or concerns but that post of thoughtful, genuine, real, respectful, professional, etc.

    There have been many others that have helped in the past.

  • I liked your article “How Many Times we Should be Having Sex” and the one about different sex drives. I felt like you dealt with both topics so tastefully and helped me see the situations from a different perspectice!

  • My husband cooks delicious Bolivoan cuisine, and I love when he turns into “obnoxious man” and plays and teases

  • Once I was being very grumpy at Cheesecake Factory on a date with my husband.
    We had been seated for over twenty minutes and still didn’t have bread or water after asking a few times and I was sooo bugged that I couldn’t talk about anything else. You could say I was a bit hangry lol. After we got our carbs and had dinner, I was a little more myself and was embarrassed for how I acted during our date night!
    When the waiter came to take our dessert order, I thought my husband was going to order our compromise cheesecake to share, chocolate Oreo (very good, just not my first choice). Well despite my terrible attitude and me being a bad date, my husband ordered strawberry cheesecake, which is MY favorite but he doesn’t care for. I totally started tearing up at how selfless and sweet that was even though I didn’t feel like I deserved the little kindness!

    That silly story sums up my husband. He is my constant. He loves me at my best, worst, and everything in between. I am so lucky to have him!

  • It’s hard to pick one thing I love about my husband. I love how he is constantly making me and my kids laugh! I also love how hard my husband works for my family. Sometimes when it’s his last day working and he is on his way home from work, he will stop at the store and bring home fun drinks and candy for me and the kids and surprise us so we can do a family movie night. Or he will bring home steak and we will put the kids in bed and have a date night at home.

  • We have used your blog post about table talk. It was so much fun! It gave us really good and interesting conversation. We also love the 5 love languages. We have used that in our marriage from day one.

  • I left your post about how to dream together. Having someone on board with your dreams make them all that more realistic.

  • My husband is so eager to make me and our baby happy! That is his main goal in life and he shows it through his service and words.

  • My favorite blog post from freshly married has been the one about questions for dates. My husband and I went through the whole list together and had a blast.

  • My husband is extremely loyal and protective in the best way. It’s one of his biggest qualities that makes me feel safe in our relationship

  • Some of my most used blog posts have been your list of questions to ask your spouse and more recently your post about 2 player games! Have been a fan of your blog from the start though and love seeing all your content 😘

  • My husband is a kid at heart in all the best ways! He is always cooking up something fun for our family or others.

  • Your post about how to make a house feel like home was very helpful in our marriage because decorating was something my husband hate it and honestly I am not very good at it myself but after reading your post and sharing it with my husband we saw things with a different perspective. We managed to have fun and enjoyed picking out decorations for our home. The time we spent decorating was a great way to spend some quality time and make our home feel more like home.

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