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I know pictures of food are annoying but there’s a reason I’m documenting it! We have obviously had to overhaul our meals with my food allergies, and it has been a whole bunch of trial and error. I’ve started to notice the affects in my body when I have even a little bit of something dairy here or there. I thought I could get away with cheating even just 2 tablespoons of ranch once a week but NOPE, haha. So back to the drawing board.

Trevor suggested we make a generator that automatically puts together meals for us by choosing a main course and sides that we can both have each day. I modify it a bit based on different weekly circumstances but for the most part it has helped a lot this week. I’ve also had to suck it up that I can’t eat what I want (#iMissCheese #iMissBuffaloWings), which has been hard but I don’t have a choice). I’ve also had to try foods again that I had aversions to or just avoided because of general dislike, haha. One of those things was scrambled eggs, and I’m happy to say that this past week we have reconnected with them!!

It sounds funny but I feel like it symbolizes a little victory for me. A victory I truly needed.  I needed to have more positive interactions with new foods, and I needed to feel that the meals I was making were enjoyable to Trevor. This meal accomplished those two things :) Not only do I like eggs again, but it’s not anything complex for our different needs. I made it with pieces of deli turkey for both of us, plated my portion, then added feta cheese to Trevor’s portion and tossed it in the skillet for a minute. He LOVES it! And I love making meals for him but haven’t been consistent the past two months whatsoever. This is a big WIN for our health, for our sanity, and even for our marriage :)

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