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We celebrated our second anniversary this weekend, and it was just lovely. We stayed one night at the Anniversary Inn, enjoying the same room we spent our wedding night in. It was magical to have memories flood me from two years ago, and was just so relaxing to get away from the world for a little bit. On the way there we ate at Happy Sumo and it was just really chill, I loved it. The ambiance with flowers and a candle at our table, as well as a draped booth was really romantic, and our service and food was top-notch! The next day we went to Olive Garden for lunch which was the same thing we did the day after we got married, so I guess… new tradition? haha. It was really nice because we splurged on an appetizer (we hardly ever get appetizers), and the manager surprisingly paid for our appetizer for our anniversary! We have never had anyone do that for us, so it made us feel special. To end our festivities, we went to the temple and performed sealings. This has been our favorite way to celebrate an anniversary, because we get the opportunity to remember the promises we made to each other the day we were married and sealed for eternity :)

Making it a big deal

So many of my friends got married in the month of May. Just last week I saw 5 anniversary social media posts celebrating it. I really love seeing people post about their anniversaries because it really is an amazing thing to say, “Hey, we made it another year!” That really is something to celebrate, yet some people don’t make a big deal of their anniversary.

I’ve been doing some research the past little while on newlywed divorce. The first few years of marriage seems to be the toughest because 20% of first marriages will result in separation or divorce within their first five years*. We have all come to realize there are so many transitions in being newly married, and that they are not easy! These transitions can get the best of some of us, though. So I think it’s pretty awesome to be able to say: “Marriage has not been easy, but we love each other enough to keep working at making it easier, and to keep serving each other to reach happiness!”

So I’m here, making it a big deal, because as my husband put it, “It’s like we served a mission together!” For those of you who have served that 2-year mission, or anyone who has known someone to be gone for two years serving a mission, we know that is an accomplishment! I joke back to him: “Except for I’m the best kind of mission companion – the one that you actually get along with and don’t have to separate from every few months!” :) I really have been blessed to have him as my FOREVER companion on this mission through life. He is awesome and sketched this little surprise for me:

celebrating second wedding anniversary, anniversary sketch,

I love you Trevor!

*Bramlett, M.D., & Mosher, W.D. (2001). First marriage dissolution, divorce, and remarriage in the United States: Advance data from vital and health statistics. Hyattsville, MD: National Center for Health Statistics

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