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Lately I’ve been seeing how great it can be to share things with your spouse!

I had the reminder of this when I had consistent problems with my laptop computer that was junky, and Trevor suggested that I take over his personal macbook which was much much better than my PC. I’m sooooo grateful that I had someone else to rely on and offer to share with me, or else I would be without a computer and be stressed over finding the money to buy a new one! So win-win.

This situation got me thinking about all the other awesome things we can share in marriage, and then also the funny or weird things married couples share sometimes. So I made a fun list for ya to laugh at ;)

MY silly, but true list of 10 awesome things that can be shared in marriage.

1. Clothing. I think it’s mostly where the wife wears her husband’s clothing. rather than the husband wearing the wife’s clothes, haha. Comfy t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, basketball shorts sometimes, hats. Any and all of it. It’s great. Especially when you are behind on laundry…

2. Entertainment Collections. When Redbox, Netflix, or other streaming services fail you with movie choices, it’s so great to rely on the movie collection you’ve both accumulated over the years. I mean, even if you don’t own a lot of movies or music beforehand, I still think there’s nothing wrong with expanding your collection even a little bit!

3. Food. Some people are weird about this but think about it – you swap spit every time you kiss! It’s nice that leftover food won’t go to waste. Just don’t be one of those couples feeding each other in a public restaurant … No one wants to see that…

4. Talents. I love it went Trevor shares his talents with me. He benefits from my talents and abilities, and I benefit from his, and it’s great! How do you think this blog was created? (Thanks, Trevor!)

5. The Bathroom. Those who live in a one bathroom living situation can totally relate to this! Husband is in the shower. Your bladder is going to burst. What do you do? You open the door, and go to the bathroom anyways. Who cares?! Some couples probably don’t even like to keep the door open while going, but whatevs! To each his own, haha.

6. Finances. I don’t even know if it needs to be said about the huge comfort that comes with having someone else to help with the burdens that come from paying bills!

7. Colds. No matter what, we pretty much catch each other’s colds. This can be fun sometimes if it gives you an opportunity to finally binge-watch that TV show you’ve been wanting to see. But it sucks when you can’t adequately take care of each other.

8. Chores. Yep. Two people make the laundry and dishes pile up, so two people can help clean it up. Divide and conquer, right?

9. Cars. It’s nice to have a back-up vehicle in case yours breaks down. Or just when you have to run errands and would prefer the car that has the auxiliary jack so you can listen to whatever music you want to, rather than the radio… (yes, some of us still drive older cars!)

10. Family. These people are so important to us, and so it was so great to gain another set of people to care about it. You’re not going to get along with every family member, but it’s still greater odds that you’ve gained some more love and support and people to have fun with. The more the merrier, right? hahaha.

Some of the things may have been weird, but I’m just being honest! What are some other awesome, silly, weird, or fun things you share with your spouse?

Keepin' marriage fresh,

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