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Ticket Stubs, saving ticket stubs

On Saturday, Trevor and I were doing dishes together, and we had a funny conversation about something. I don’t remember all of the words that were said, but I think it was about how I almost pulled a “your face” joke on him. I know, I act like a twelve-year-old sometimes because I say “your face is a _____ “(fill in the blank), whenever the opportunity arises, haha. Well this opportunity, he knew it was coming after he created the perfect set up, so he said it before I could say it. I just laughed and said,  “Hey! How did you know I was going to say that?” He replied with, “Because you always say that. It’s just like how I know you’re going to start singing that ___________ song, after I say the words ________________” (I put blanks, because I have multiple random songs I sing to multiple certain phrases! haha) We laughed about it, and I said, “Am I really that predictable?”

I started thinking about all of the things Trevor knows to expect from me. Like how I save all of our movie and concert ticket stubs. Just last night we went to see, “Monuments Men,” and I asked for his ticket, saying: “I’ll need your ticket because you know I save all of our tickets, right?” With a silly smirk, and a loving eye-roll, he handed over his ticket. It was just another thing Trevor has come to know and expect from me! It’s funny how much we get used to our spouses overtime. For us, it’s only been 11 months. Are there predictable things that you or your spouse do often? I bet there are! Take a minute and thing about it.

Predictable vs. Unpredictable

Is predictable a bad thing? Is it bad to be a predictable spouse, or have a predictable marriage? I don’t necessarily feel like being predictable is a bad thing. For me, it makes me feel like Trevor knows me. I would rather my husband know me this way, rather than be worried because he doesn’t know what to expect. Yes, we do or say the same old things, but unless we are getting bored of it, I don’t see a problem. Maybe that’s the key; to mix things up every once in awhile. Do something that would surprise your spouse. I love those times when I assume Trevor won’t want to do something we’ve been invited to, and then he corrects me and says, “I actually used to do that all of the time, so let’s go.” It’s nice to learn new things about your spouse, huh?

I’m definitely going to continue saving our ticket stubs, because I enjoy saving our memorabilia, because I’m crazy sentimental like that. I won’t stop my random singing, because that’s me! However, maybe I’ll start singing different things, or at different moments, haha. I guess what I’m trying to say, is be yourself, even if that’s predictable, but also be surprising at times… If that makes sense!

Keepin' marriage fresh,

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