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We aren’t quite sure about how many kids we will want to have, when the time comes. The funny part is that Trevor wants two, and I think that I like three! What’s even more funny is that every now and then, we come across a scene that could give us a great reason to want as few kids as possible, haha. And when that happens, Trevor just holds up 2 fingers at me, and smiles. (Hahahaha.) A few kids right by us were both crying and carrying on and he signaled again, the number two. :)

We probably sound immature about it, but we really do love children. We enjoy the love and silliness they bring into our lives. And we also know that kids will be kids. They will cry, and they will get fussy, and we did the same thing at their age! I think what it comes down to, is we aren’t ready yet. Obviously, we still love just spending time with each other, and are still enjoying the beginning of this eternal friendship.

It’s fun to joke about right now, but we do know that WHEN WE ARE READY, we will work to be prepared for that hard challenge of parenthood. And we’ll be looking up to great parents like many of you, to help us do that.

But until then… let us be freshly married :)

Keepin' marriage fresh,

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