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Spotlight Submissions

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We love to “Spotlight” couples to learn how they keep their marriage fresh.
I love getting to share the experiences we have in marriage that have helped us become a stronger couple.  However, I know there are amazing couples out there that also have great marriage experiences to share! Especially those that have experienced situations I haven’t! So we want to hear from YOU! You can submit a “Spotlight” below.


How does it work? Just fill out the form below, upload a picture, and hit the submit button. Easy peasy :)  If you want, you can take a look at some of the other Spotlight posts to get some ideas of what others have included in their Spotlight posts. Once your submission is received, I’ll review it and let you know when I’m going to post it on the website. Woot!

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    1. A little background info about your relationship (who you are, how you met, etc.)

    2. Share a story or experience that strengthened your marriage.

    3. How you strive to keep your marriage "fresh".

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    Keepin' marriage fresh,