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We used to have a cute little tradition that we started when we were dating called, “Stoplight Kisses.” When we would drive together and approach a long stoplight, we would lean over and kiss each other :) Sometimes they were hurried kisses, and sometimes one of us kept our eyes open in case the light turned green, haha. But we enjoyed these little moments. Any excuse to kiss right?!

Over the past three years, I’m sorry to say we haven’t kept up with that tradition! We have brought it back a few times and it was a nice reminiscing moment. I’m sure it would bring more nice moments if we did this more often. It’s not necessarily a bad thing that we don’t do it as often, but it’s nice to keep up the cute things we did when we were dating.


I was reminded of this from Sunday at my Latter-Day Saint church during a class they offer called, “Marriage and Family Relations.” Trevor and I attended this class the first year we were married when everything in marriage was new to us. Attending the class series a second time through is nice this time because I’m surrounded by a diverse age of couples instead of all newlyweds, and because of all the additional knowledge I have gained since then through school and more experiences. One neat discussion we had was on the question, “What things do we want to keep up with that we did during our courtship?” I gave a few ideas, but our stoplight kisses is one that came to my mind today as I have been pondering that question again. I decided I am going to bring back this little tradition we started! I know Trevor would agree that he misses it too! I mean, how can you be opposed to kissing your spouse? haha.

I hope this inspires you to bring back something cute you did with each other or for each other while you were dating (even though technically dating never stops in marriage, haha). I don’t think you can go wrong with bringing back old memories that were special! It has the power to rekindle things all over again at a time when you might need the flame rekindled. So I’m challenging you to find something you both miss doing when you were dating or in your early years of marriage, and bring it back again! Feel free to share your experience doing that, too :)

Keepin' marriage fresh,

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