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This is a shout out to all you couples reading this: you are an inspiration to us! We have loved hearing about what you have learned in your marriage, and what you are grateful for about your spouse in the Boast & Brag giveaways…and the other readers loved it too! We want to make Freshly Married a place that is not just about my marriage, but where you can share your thoughts and experiences. So, you can now submit your own Spotlight posts on Freshly Married – to share how you keep your marriage fresh! Wooo hoooo!

We want Freshly Married to become a place where couples can join together to learn and share with each other…to fight and conquer the problems we face in marriage. But to do this, we need your help! By submitting a Spotlight post you can help make the world just a little bit better. Even though you aren’t perfect, and your marriage isn’t perfect, you still have something to share :)

We would like to invite you to either submit your own Spotlight or to invite another couple to submit one:

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