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Ours started in January 2011. I had just joined the Latter-Day Saint church and Jason returned from his mission in Italy 3 weeks later. So being in “missionary mode” he and his family gave me the new member lessons and our friendship blossomed from there. We were great friends with no intentions of dating for about a year. Soon we could no longer deny our feelings for each other, dated for about another year, and in March 2013 were sealed for time and all eternity in the Oakland temple. We are now living in Provo so he can attend school at BYU.

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One way that we keep our marriage fresh is by doing what we started with from the beginning: being best friends. We absolutely have so much fun together and we think that is so important as a married couple. One of our favorite past times is playing board games together. We could do it for hours. We also love going out together, and it doesn’t have to be an expensive outing. With him being a musician, and me loving to listen (not musically talented whatsoever), we love going to free concerts and performances. But one of our very favorite things to do together is attend the temple. There is nothing like getting away from the world with your sweetie and focusing on the eternal perspective and what’s really important.

First year advice

One thing that we have learned through this first year of marriage is to forgive…and fast. Don’t let the little things bother you because they really, really don’t matter. Just love your imperfect spouse with all your heart :) And show it! My husband is so, so wonderful about reminding me how much he loves me and always right when I need it. So I try to reciprocate that love as best I can.

Most importantly, we keep each other as our top priorities. Always the most important part of our lives!

Keepin’ our marriage fresh, 
The Biehl Family

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