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On our first date, Trevor and I started talking about some things we like to do, and we found most of them we had in common (of course!) Since he had recently come home from serving an Latter-Day Saint mission, I started suggesting some of the movies he should watch and music to listen to that came out while he was gone. It started as that, and then somehow it turned into things that we were possibly going to do together… :) So being the list people that we are, Trevor pulled out his phone and created a google doc, listing these things to do. We’ve since added more and more items and it has become a source of inspiration for our date nights, but also for our hopes and dreams.

I want to share this idea with you marrieds because it’s been so helpful for keeping fun in our relationship! I know many couples have a list they refer to every now and then for ideas, but I’ll still share ours :)

Here’s a very small scale mock-up of what our list basically looks like:

Date night list, bucket list, couples bucket list, newlywed bucket list, things to do as a couple, date night ideas, a million date night ideas, 100 date night ideas, 100 great date night ideas 100+date night ideas

What we did:

  • Wrote down the things we wanted to do, eat, or see together, as we thought of them or heard of them. Most of these were thought up while we were dating and engaged, but we’ve added lots more ideas since then.
  • As our list grew, we started organizing it by different categories, as I mentioned. When we got married, we added a section for short-term bucket list items like “save up for a cruise”, as well as long-term bucket list items like “serve a senior mission.”
  • Within each category, there are obviously some items that we would want to do again in the future, like having a Back to the Future Marathon, or going to certain restaurants. So we just highlight that in a color when we’ve done it once but want to do it again.
  • As we got gift cards for the movie theater or restaurants, we would write those down on our bucket list too, in case we needed a free idea.
  • Some things had certain restrictions like seasonal times, or ones that had an expiration date like when we had our Utah Pass of All Passes. Making note of these time frames helped us keep track of what we could or should do, and when.
  • We also added more categories: things that we want to do that require exercise like “hike Timpanogos cave,” things we want to do inside like “cuddle” OF COURSE ;) and we even added a category for people we could ask to go on a double-date with.

The benefits:

  • It’s great for doing surprises, because we know that pretty much everything we have added to the list are things we both would like to do. No risk for disappointment!
  • It has been the ultimate brainstorming list that is easy to refer back to, without having to think of something on the spot. On Sundays when we usually plan out our weekends and want to have a date night, we’ll say, “What’s on our list that we could do this weekend?” and then one of us chooses an activity and asks the other one on that date :)
  • The list serves as our exciting journal in a way. Because we still get to see all the things we’ve crossed off the list, so we get the awesome feeling of looking back at all the fun things we’ve done together :) It would have been even better if we added the dates of when we completed the items.
  • I love how fun it makes us feel, when we think of an idea and add it to our list. I get this warm feeling that we’re less likely to become a boring couple with each new and random idea we add to our list, haha.

Wanting to create or add to your own list? Need some ideas to start with? Well, I’ve got ya covered! I’ve created a master list of date night ideas that consists of so many neat things to do together as a couple! I took ideas from what we’ve done or come up with, as well as from other people and sources. Just subscribe to my newsletter on the top left of the screen, and you will receive it and in a ready-to-print version so you can start crossing those things off the list now! Take a look at this list as inspiration for your next date night! This might be fun to look at together, to circle the things you both are interested in doing.  My last suggestion with this list is to consider trying new things, because it helps you avoid dating ruts!

Don’t forget, there is ALWAYS something awesome to do together!

P.S. One of our fav ways of documenting all these cute bucket list stuff is with my cute Mini 8 Instax Camera!

DATE NIGHT GIVEAWAY: Comment below with the fun date nights you and your spouse have, and you will be entered to win a date night gift card! (Giveaway has ended; Winner awarded)

Keepin' marriage fresh,


  • One of our favorite dates in our early years of marriage was tennis. The public courts are free, and there was usually a playground nearby for the kids to hang out while we hit the ball. My husband was a much better player than me, but he would sometimes play left-handed. Someone organized a couples doubles night at the Lagoon courts, and we had fun participating and playing with other couples. So that it didn’t get too competitive between the couples, we sometimes divided the teams and had women vs men. Another favorite when we lived in Saudi Arabia was kite-flying. We would drive to a deserted spot on the beach, where there was a good breeze. It was fun to watch the kite get higher and higher in the sky.

  • We’ve had to learn to be flexible with our definition of date night….now it’s more “date when we can arrange it (but we arrange it weekly)” So now we’ll go to breakfast instead of a dinner date or we’ll say let’s meet at 9 pm in the basement for popcorn and a movie or have a picnic lunch in the park or a date walk around the block after dinner. Every once in awhile we splurge such as last Saturday when we saw Cirque du Soleil and went for dinner after. But the priority is just saying ” I want to be with you.”

    • Julie I LOVE what your last sentence was! That’s really what it is all about. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you are making the time to be together. We do the best we can with the time and circumstances we have. Such an important comment, Thank you for sharing that thought!

  • My wife and I went goofy golfing with another couple but this was no ordinary goofy golfing. This was literally “goofy.” I think I heard this idea from my sisters or maybe from someone online or whatever but I bought a bag from Costco of peanut MnMs and assigned each color with a task for each hole. For example: red – put with your eyes closed every stroke; blue – spouse chooses, and it can be anything the spouse wants like only look at her/him, have spouse control your arms (my favorite). Anyways, it was a blast and if your not too competitive it’s a great way to have fun!

    • David! That’s a fun idea! I’ve done that with bowling too, so I guess you could apply it to a lot of activities. That reminds me of mini golfing at Boondocks in Utah! You spin a little wheel at each hole and it will tell you how to putt with some of the examples you had. That makes me want to go mini golfing now :) Thanks for sharing!

  • We love playing games and lately with our busy semester we’ve had to save babysitters for times other than date night so we’ve had a lot of at home dates, so we’ve had a lot of game nights! I love this idea though and I’m excited to check out the master list!

    • I’m sure you do have to strategize when to use a babysitter, Mary! I think at-home dates can be so fun and in many ways can be better than going out because you’re in the comfort of your own home :) Game nights are always a fun go-to! Thanks for sharing!

  • I haven’t pulled up the list yet but one of our go-to date nights out is bowling! We usually grab a treat after too. For date nights in we rent a redbox movie and pop some popcorn.

    • Thanks for sharing your bowling date night go-to! Having go-to date nights are great because you know you’ll always enjoy it together :) Do you guys play for anything when you go bowling? We went out for bowling on our own for the first time recently, so we made things interesting by saying the best 2/3 winner gets a massage! I like going bowling with groups, but it’s nice being able to play more games and have fun just the two of you :)

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