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I didn’t realize how big of a deal it was to have family pictures up until now. I always thought people made too big of a deal over getting family portraits taken every  year, and switching the pictures out in their home every time. While I love the idea of that, it’s not about having formal family photos to show off. To be honest, Trevor and I prefer the silly candid iPhone pictures we take, even in selfie form! It’s just about having those happy reminders around you to create a loving atmosphere.

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Sometimes we need to have a physical image that we wake up to every day, or walk by every day, to constantly remind us that we are loved; that we have a family; that the hard times in marriage are worth it; and that we truly are a happy family. Looking at special artwork and pictures of us tend to inspire me, as well. I can get an idea or just encouragement to do something cute for Trevor. :)  I also love the religious artwork we have chosen to have in our home as peaceful reminders that the gospel is always there for us. It took me five months, but I’m so glad I finally put up these few pictures in our family room.

Planting my feet

As you know, it’s taken me some time to adjust to a new city. I think the lack of decor, specifically pictures, probably hindered my adjustment even more. Decorating seems to symbolize a sense of stability. It’s a time-consuming and costly project that is looked at in the long-term plan. It’s like a final decision to plant your feet. Slowly but surely, I finally took the time to put up pictures of Trevor and I,  as well as other important pictures to us, like the Latter-Day Saint temple we were sealed in. It’s only been a few weeks that we have had our frame collage up, and as you can tell, it is not finished yet! But even just these few pictures we have on our walls have given me more comfort and stability in our new home and new city. That’s a thankful feeling.

No matter where you are living, no matter how much money you have, I suggest putting up important pictures where you see them often. Small prints cost ten cents most places! Pinterest also provides us with so many cute DIY ideas of how to decorate with pictures on a budget. Whichever way you do it, look at those beautiful memories often so you can feel the love.

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