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I love love love this thought because it’s a great reminder to me that it takes an effort to make things great, and even when it’s achieved, it has to be maintained! It also attacks that old saying: “The grass is greener on the other side,” and I have a few ways I like to relate this to marriage…

  1. It’s easy to look at all the other marriages around you and wish your relationship could be as wonderful as there’s. And let’s face it, there are truly amazing marriages out there and they might very well be happier and healthier, or “greener” than your relationship. But they also had to work hard to achieve it. And you can too if you put in the time and effort required to understand how to nourish, and then go to work at nourishing it.
  2.  And don’t forget that they have their issues too, and they might be feeling the same towards YOUR relationship. That’s why it’s important to focus on your own circumstances, focusing on how to grow with where your marriage is at now.

It reminds me of the two flower pots I have growing outside on my porch. Somehow I have made them live for 2 months, but they’ve definitely been on the verge of death more than once! Guess why? Because I’ll go days without watering them. Hmmm, let’s think about this Amy… This is a key element to their survival! So no wonder they are struggling! The best part, though, is that after a few days of consistent watering they are back to looking that luscious bright purple color they are supposed to look like :)

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Just like our flowers and lawns need watering to look bright and thriving, our marriage needs watering too. It requires it. We can’t expect it to work out if we do little to nothing. We need to put in the time and work (sometimes hard work) that makes the marriage great! So have a positive outlook on your marriage, especially through the hard times. Sometimes the grass fades from a luscious green to a dull brownish/yellow color. It happens. Winters happen and they make the grass brown for awhile. But there’s always always always a spring just around the corner :)

The spring sun can’t do it on its own though. It needs the life from your watering can. If your can is low, fill it up because your marriage needs you. The grass can always be greener if you water it!

Keepin' marriage fresh,

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