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Josh and I met on October 20, 2011 on the street corner while walking to class at the University of Utah. He said hello & the rest was history.. just kidding it wasn’t that simple. A few dates, break ups, one summer of me studying abroad and him selling pest control & skyping, a reunion the same place we met and several–staying up way too late because we didn’t want to say goodbye–nights later we were married March 12, 2013. Josh and I now live in Dallas, Texas.

Advice from experience

From my experience, the best way to keep your marriage ‘fresh’ is relying on one another 110%! Here in Dallas, we don’t have any other family so through the thick and thin, it’s just me and him. Maybe it took me moving to Dallas and feeling completely alone to realize it, but when you learn to trust, confide and lean on your spouse rather than anyone else, that is when you will grow closer than you could ever imagine. We had been married over a year before moving here, but in the 3 months that we have been here I feel I have learned more about Josh than I ever knew. He is truly my best friend and my greatest support. Even if you live down the street from your parents and siblings, or live states away, make it a focus to truly rely and focus on your spouse!

My husband works for American Airlines so the other way I recommend to keep your marriage fresh is to travel! And that doesn’t mean spending an arm and a leg! Go somewhere you have always wanted, sleep in the car, pull an all-nighter waiting for your flight at the airport, and most of all make it fun! Go on an adventure every chance you get! But always remember every adventure is what you make of it no matter what happens, so make it count! (:

Keepin’ marriage fresh,
Becca Hadley



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