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Remember how I was so frustrated/annoyed/intimidated/scared of my iron? hahaha yeah so this started the very beginning of our marriage. It was actually my very first post, too! Basically, ironing was a stressful ordeal for me and became so much more difficult than it should have been. I was even more bugged about it because I felt like I NEEDED to ironing my husband’s dress shirts all the time, in order to be a good wife. Well I obviously got over that notion because I went nearly two years without ironing anything… hahaha yeah, I know, kind of ridiculous.

But now, guess what? I IRON MY HUSBAND’S DRESS SHIRTS EVERY WEEK. Yeah, it happened somehow! It was like a month ago, when I had some extra time on my hands and felt like doing something nice for Trevor, and decided to iron his shirts. My iron must have taken a valium or something because it stopped being dumb, and just simply heated and ironed nicely. :) My husband told me he felt more professional and looked nicer at work, which made me feel real good! So I decided to make time the following week to iron those shirts again. It got easier and faster, and now it’s a regular thing for me!

I just can’t stop laughing at this because of how much I really did not like ironing before! I have always been fine with folding or hanging up clothes but not that. And now I do it regularly AND even volunteered to iron a bunch of fabric for a service project. (I know right?)

Some would call this a little victory ;)

Keepin' marriage fresh,

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