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Music in marriage, wedding playlists, begin again by taylor swift, important songs in relationships

Music is one of my favorite things that this life offers us. It has the power to inspire, to soften hearts, to change a mood, to make our bodies move, and ultimately, it can make us happy. My favorite thing about music, however, is its ability to preserve a memory, whether happy or sad, silly or annoying. I absolutely love that because of the many, MANY songs on my personal favorites list, every single one of them involves a memory… Singing Backstreet Boys songs with my friend every drive I took from St. George back to home, for a weekend visit. That break up song that I sung at the top of my lungs for 3 months straight because I was angry, haha. A song that will always remind me of the best year of my life. A song from my favorite movie that a favorite band of mine covered. The best part is that every time I hear any of these songs, and the other million that I have a connection with, I instantly remember that person, what we were doing, the atmosphere, and the meaning behind it.

I’m probably crazy

It probably sounds crazy that I have this big of a connection or memory to songs, haha. I think it stems from this problem that I have of being too nostalgic, at times! While on our road trip to Idaho a month ago, I said to Trevor, “We are now passing the furthest city you and I have traveled to together. This is an important occasion. Can we pull over at the next exit and make-out?” hahahaha. We laughed about it because I can be ridiculous like that sometimes, but in all seriousness, is it bad that I want to care about remembering the little things in our marriage?

Of all songs that are important to me, the ones that have to do with Trevor are my favorite. Just like most of you, we have a lot of songs that have to do with important memories or milestones that took place while we were dating. Most of those songs ended up going on our wedding playlist. I’m looking at that playlist right now and can remember every memory or reason we love each song…

Story time

Here’s a story that goes along with one of those songs. Trevor and I had been dating for three weeks. Five months previous to that, I had gone through a bad breakup and Trevor was treating me how girls should be treated on dates. His kindness, happiness, sensitivity, and inviting heart was making me feel more and more comfortable with him. I wrote a short little something on my blog at the time, about how it made me feel and a song that said my feelings better than I could. I didn’t know it at the time but Trevor read this post of mine. He later told me what that post and song did for him and our relationship. Apparently he wasn’t sure what I was thinking about how things were going between us, and he was debating whether or not he should keep asking me out. Hearing the song put a smile on his face as it helped him know how I was feeling about him. This has become a special song for us because it represents a turning point in our relationship.

As I thought about this time, and other countless memories we have linked to music, I have realized how much all of this means to me. Each band and each song has become a part of our marriage, and I love it. Soooo I am going to write it all down! I have started a project that will help me record all of those feelings and special lyrics that mean something to our relationship. I only have three pages done so far but it’s like a scrapbook of lyrics of songs that mean something to our relationship :) I get to mix three of my favorite things: Trevor, music, and art! I plan on adding to it as the years go by, as something to look back on when I start to forget.


Meanwhile, I want to hear what songs mean something to your relationship! Please comment because I truly want to know the songs and the stories behind their significance. It makes me feel romantic and cheesy, but also lets me know that I’m not crazy :)

Keepin' marriage fresh,


  • Til’ Kingdom Come – Coldplay

    Funny thing is, Amy, you’re part of this memory. Haha. Nate and I were broken up at the time (ya know, cause we’re famous for that) and you and I had gone with some boys to see Spider-Man. Lo and behold, Nate and his buddies all walked in and were sitting right by us. Nate noticed that I was holding hands with some boy and it made him so upset. Andddd Til’ Kingdom Come is during a significant part of the movie and Nate remembers hearing that song and thinking “I have to get her back! I have to get her back. Etc. etc.”
    SOO yeah. That song definitely made our wedding playlist.

    • Lex, I love this. Well, not about the part that you guys were broken up, haha, but the song and what it means to you both. I totally remember that night. My favorite part to this story was the next day (or so), when Nate showed up at your work with a Kiva juice for you ;) And the rest is history. #natepluslexis. I love that song, but I didn’t know it specifically had something to do with this story so thanks for sharing.

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