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I’m excited to share this idea with you guys because I think it’s a fun, EASY way to switch things up when it comes to your sex life!

For whatever reason, we all experience a hiatus of sexual intimacy at times. Sometimes it’s because there are natural life transitions happening like having a baby, and other times you’re just needing a nudge to get back there. This game can be that nudge for your marriage!

Watch my quick video where I explain this simple little game, and how I put it together all in one afternoon! Just FYI: this is not a kinky game or anything like that, if you’re worried about watching it! It’s just me explaining it, Not demonstrating it lol, and it’s something I feel very comfortable in sharing and encouraging others to try!

I know I haven’t talked too much about sexual intimacy yet on my blog, but I have plans to in the near future! It’s kind of one of those subjects that though it’s very important to discuss, it’s also something very special and so I’m spending time wording things appropriately, and sharing experiences appropriately. Have patience with me :) This is my way of easing you guys into this topic, I guess!

Want to print a copy of the dice game? Click here for your PDF printable of The Sexy Dice Game!

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