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twin registry, twin baby registry items, baby registry items, twin boys registry, how to create a twin registry, preparing for baby, preparing for twins, what we did for our twins,

This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. Which means Freshly Married can make a small commission on items you buy through these links.

Well we are pretty much all prepared for our boys to come! At least, with the material items and their room … mentally, I’m not sure yet! Haha.  It feels weird that at 31 weeks we already bought everything on our registry that was left over from the generous gifts we received at our baby showers! But at the same time, this twin pregnancy has been unpredictable and a lot has felt out of control, so we would rather be this prepared now than have to handle it all after the arrive and life is chaotic caring for them. 

I received interest from some of you readers about what we were including on our registry so I’m sharing the main essentials we registered for on amazon. Throughout the post I share about WHY we did what we did because I know it sounds crazy to have FOUR cribs. Haha that doesn’t make sense to everyone but you’ll be able to read what our reasonings were behind a lot of the products we got equipped with. 

Also, we chose to exclusively go with one baby registry at Amazon. So at the end, I share some tips and things we liked and didn’t like about it.

I hope this is helpful for anyone in the twin situation, or who are curious about how things differ with twins. (not like I’m a pro twin mom yet by any means!) 

twin registry, twin baby registry items, baby registry items, twin boys registry, how to create a twin registry, preparing for baby, preparing for twins, what we did for our twins,
Taken by the AMAZING Rosalyn photography!

Infantino 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier, $29. We went back and forth wondering if we should get 2 or not. We decided that we would just get one for now, and if we decide it’s been helpful to have two, then we’ll just order a second one real quick with amazon prime.

My Brest Friend Supportive Nursing Pillow for Twins, $65. It looks like a contraption I have to wear, haha, but it looks like it’s gonna make breastfeeding at the same time so much easier. I had two other twin moms recommend this to me.

We initially wanted to get this Joovy Twin Roo+ Car Seat Stroller, $97, but we ran the dimensions once it’s folded up and it wouldn’t fit in the back of my Tucson. So we switched to get this stroller that was a part of the same system as our car seats. The Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller, $136

It works with our Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 Infant Car Seat with an adjustable base, $159. No particular rhyme or reason we chose these over other ones.

These are the cribs we chose. They are called Graco Travel Lite Crib With Stages, $94 but we grabbed them from Walmart because Amazon was out of stock at the time we purchased. The idea is that you move the bed panel lower with each stage it suggests so that these can be used from newborn to about a 2-year-old (up to 35″ tall or if they can climb out). They were pretty easy to set up, they are up to the safety standards for cribs with the mesh siding to avoid SIDS, and they work for traveling, even if just to grandma’s house for Christmas. These were the best choice for us and our twins because it would have been very cramped with two normal size cribs in their room, and we can wheel them from our bedroom to their own room in a smooth transition when that time comes. We just felt like these were the cheapest route instead of having to buy bassinets AND cribs.

twin registry, twin baby registry items, baby registry items, twin boys registry, how to create a twin registry, preparing for baby, preparing for twins, what we did for our twins,

And yes, we did get two more for our main floor living room! It made sense for us because we can just lay them down safely in their own crib when I need to do chores or something but can keep an eye on them. It also will allow our cute dog Oli to roam free without me worrying he is licking their faces since it’ too high for him to get into.

Love to Dream Swaddle UP, size small, $29. From what we read, 4 should be enough to get us started with twins, and we are hoping the boys will like these to lead us to the next transitional Swaddle UP, $34 that allows arms to be unzipped out.

Initially, we loved the SwaddleMe, $29 options for sleeping, but after doing some more research, we felt that a sleep sack would give more room for their legs to move to avoid the hip dysplasia that some babies get. I know many moms swear by these though, especially for doing naps during the day!

Diaper Pails. Yes, TWO. Munchkin Step Diaper Pail Powered by Arm & Hammer, $64. We figured with the average of 20 diapers a day to change for twins, that it would be nice to have one on each floor of our house. Will I feel like this is a waste of money or feel so glad we got it? We will find out, and I will be sure to update this and share with you the answer!

Angelcare Baby Bath Support, $13. We liked this over some other ones because it can dry really easily. And we only went with one because we figured we wouldn’t be able to wash both babies at once in reality, haha. We already have it hung up with a command strip hook in the bathtub, so it’s also less storage space we have to worry about, AND can properly air dry.

Feeding: We did something different than what I’ve seen others do when it comes to feeding. We got the Kiinde Twist Starter kit $38, storage pouches $46, nipples $8 for two, and the bottle warmer that came in this gift set $50. (it’s cheaper than buying it on its own!). Trevor did a bunch of research on these ones and then showed me.

I am planning on breastfeeding and hoping that works fully. But for times when they need to take a bottle, or if I can only pump, then I can pump directly into these pouches too. Even if we need to go with formula, we can pour the formula into the pouches. We loved that these pouches are designed to mimic the breast so that air pockets don’t form.

It’s a little more expensive than other options but we don’t have to have a million bottles around the house and constantly have to clean them. Instead, we got 4 of these bottle casings, and then a large number of nipples to cycle through the sterilizer. This company had a free trial pack deal going on so we got that first to make sure we understood how it worked and if we wanted to proceed with this option, and we liked it even more.

We also got a Nest Camera, $169 for their room that sits over both their cribs. We already use the Nest security system for our home so we just needed one more.

Oh and HEY! You get to see their names!

NoseFrida everything. Specifically this NoseFrida Snotsucker, $19. We got gifted two of these and we think both will come in handy really well :) I’m guessing one will be enough but who knows, I might be telling you in six months that it’s necessary for twins!

Taken by the AMAZING Rosalyn Photography

Tips for Amazon Baby Registries and comparisons to other retailers:

  • Definitely utilize the completion discount of 15% when you need to get everything else off your registry. You can use it about 2 months before your due date, and can only be used over 2 order shipments. You don’t know what items the 15% is excluded from until you can use the completion discount. I’m not sure what the stipulations are but for us, it worked on most items including our stroller and the clothing items, but it did exclude our baby monitors, the car seats, and few other random items.
  • As I’ve compared pricing at Target, Carter’s, buybuybaby, Kohl’s, etc, I’ve found that Amazon can be much cheaper, even sometimes when you have a coupon or have them on sale.
  • Make the larget items contributable so that people who can only get you a gift of $10, can feel like it went towards something you need.
  • The diaper fund is a fun option for people to contribute to. Especially those who want to help from far away and don’t want to worry about shipping. The nice thing is you don’t have to keep it strictly to buying diapers. It applies the amount to your account like a gift card balance that you can use towards anything.
  • The “free” welcome box was out of stock when we did our registry, and then when it came back in stock it never was free… It would add it to our cart at the cost of $35, haha. So when I saw the ads on Instagram and my emails for the FREE welcome box, I laughed. To be fair, it did say it was a limited supply so I think they just didn’t change the wording.
  • I put clothes on the registry knowing that people would like to get cute outfits for us because that’s the most fun to shop for right? But I was also getting so many outfits on my own haha. So the clothes were mostly on there so people knew what style I was going for, if they did want to buy clothes elsewhere.

I plan to do a follow-up in like six months to this blog post, sharing if we would change any items we got! Like if we didn’t end up needing 2 of something, or if maybe we decided we didn’t have enough. Hopefully by sharing our experiences with baby products will help those who are debating what they really NEED as new parent twins like us, or even one kid!

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