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Valentine's Day 2013

Every Day is Valentine’s Day

Somehow I really enjoy this holiday. I used to give little cheesy valentines to my friends and family, but I have since upgraded to legit 5×7 Cards that are decked out with cutesy embellishments and hand-written words of love. I also love seeing baked goods decorated in pinks and reds, with jimmy sprinkles all over! And furthermore, I love decorating baked goods myself– heart shapes and everything! I just love the festivities that come with this holiday of love!

In knowing how much I enjoy that aspect of this holiday, you’ll be surprised to know that Trevor and I aren’t too into Valentine’s Day. The reason why we feel that way is because I think people look at this day as a time to tell someone how much they care about them, when really they should be expressing those feelings all the time! But then I thought about another point… Maybe we all need a day designated for declarations of love!

Maybe couples need to have at least one day each year (in addition to their anniversary) completely about celebrating love for each other. Yes we say “I love you” every day. Yes we already give little surprises and gifts to each other on occasion. However, there’s nothing wrong with having a special day dedicated to that right?

We all have our own perspectives on Valentine’s Day. For me, it doesn’t necessarily mean flowers, chocolates, or all the other cliche sentiments. It means I’m head over heels in love with someone and I’m going to make sure they know it today, and every day! Because in our house, EVERY DAY is Valentine’s Day ;)

Keepin’ our love fresh on a daily basis,

Valentine’s Day Date Night Giveaway

We want to know what you are going to do (or already do), to make every day feel like Valentine’s Day in your relationship! Leave a comment on this post telling us, and you’ll be entered to win a Cinemark Movie Theater gift card to use for a Valentine’s Day date night! The winner will be randomly chosen on Tuesday the 11th, so enter now!

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