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This is for crafters AND non-crafters! 

*this blog post contains affiliate links through Amazon.

I’m a huge crafter and designed these gift tags for holiday gifts to some of our neighbors! I own a Cricut machine and have basically had it out all season long doing holiday stuff! I’ve recently ventured out exploring the other design tools it has in the program and using more than just the die-cutting option. YEP IT CAN WRITE. Who else stresses about their handwriting looking cute on things?!

I used the cute handwriting font “Babette,” grouped the letters in a way that I liked, and then created some fun phrases.  I shared pictures of these on Instagram and people wanted the printables for it or for me to even make them for them! (which I don’t mind doing since my Cricut does all the work at this point!). So I decided I would make this tag available for anyone needing an easy neighbor gift idea, whether you are a hardcore crafter or just need something to print and stick on to a gift!

If you own a Cricut

Here’s the link to this project:

I created a cardstock backing circle you can put behind it to give it more color and depth. Use it or don’t, fine by me! Duplicate as many as you need for your gifts :) P.S. There’s also one in there for teacher gifts that says, “Hands down you are the best teacher around!” I made this for a friend so it’s just an added bonus for ya ;)

cricut tags, cricut holiday tag, soap tags, soap gift tags, soap gift, soap puns, soap gift pun, cricut design tag, neighbor gift ideas,



If you don’t own a cutting machine, then you can just print these out at home and cut with a circle punch or even your basic square!

To print the 8.5×11 PDF at home, click here and the doc will open!

To get a circle tag, I recommend using a 2.5-inch circle punch like this one. I trimmed an inch off the top so my 2.5 inch punch could adequately get to the phrase to punch it nicely.

cricut tags, cricut holiday tag, soap tags, soap gift tags, soap gift, soap puns, soap gift pun, cricut design tag, neighbor gift ideas,


The past few years our traditional neighbor gift was actually Marinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider because I love it so much! It’s great for Christmas time or celebrating the new year. The only problem we kept running into: it was something you had to physically hand to the recipient instead of just drop it on their porch. We had a neighbor tell us they found the bottle shattered on their porch the next day because the glass must have gotten so cold overnight! No one wants glass shards on their porch! So last year I started looking at new gift ideas for our neighbors.

That’s when I stumbled upon cute soap pun gifts, and we even received a few from some of our neighbors. I realized that this was a better gift idea for many reasons! 1) The gifting process was simplified where we could just put it on their porch if a neighbor wasn’t home. 2) It was a non-food gift so people on diets or who have food allergies could actually enjoy this gift. 3) Soap is something practical that everyone uses! My only complaint was that I didn’t like the printables out there. They weren’t my style, I guess. So I’m glad I was able to design my own that I like better :)

Bath and Body Works soaps can be expensive if you don’t catch them on a good sale, so I was able to take advantage of their Black Friday weekend deals to get them at $3.25 each. If you want a bunch of soaps a cheaper cost, Amazon has SoftSoap for less than $1 in packs of six!

It was super easy to tie twine through the tag and around the soap, that I can’t believe I was already ready to give these gifts by the first week of December! The nice thing is that because I already spent the time designing this tag, all I have to do next year is have the machine cut it out and I spend 20 minutes putting it together.

Man, I like simplifying the holidays :)

Keepin' marriage fresh,

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