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Date boxes are planned and created date nights that are focused on creating an entertaining and connecting date for you and your spouse! If you’re unfamiliar with date boxes, I’ll give you the rundown on the basics of what they are, the pros and cons, as well as the varieties out there you can choose from!

  • Date boxes are mostly focused on indoor dates, which are great for winter, or for spending time together after the kids are in bed so you don’t have to pay for a babysitter.
  • However, sometimes you can do the date box in whatever environment you want, like when we took one to the park.
  • They are shipped to your door, with (usually) everything you need to have this date night.
  • There is a theme for each box, so the contents of the box play on that theme.
  • The goal of the box is to not only give you an entertaining activity but include opportunities for interesting and fun conversations, hoping to strengthen your intimacy.
  • The different companies out there will offer one time purchases or subscriptions so you automatically get one delivered every month without having to plan or think.
  • Monthly pricing ranges between $20 -$40 depending on the service you go with.
  • With the subscriptions, you don’t typically know what’s inside yet until it ships or until you receive it.

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Benefits to date boxes:

  • The work is done for you to plan, and be creative
  • They are meant to be done at home, which is convenient if you have kids
  • You’re guaranteed to have a date night once a month, which is great for busy lifestyles that tend to forget about date night altogether
  • If you do a subscription where you don’t know the theme you’re getting each month, it can be a fun surprise for both of you

The cons to date boxes:

(some of these might not be cons to you though!)

  • You don’t get your own creative spin on it
  • Some services can feel expensive
  • You may hate the theme they decide on, for whatever reason! Maybe you can’t relate to it, or it’s an activity that takes you out of your comfort zone
  • You don’t get to customize what items come in your box, which can be annoying if you’ve purchased a food theme, and you either have certain food allergies or maybe you would want fresher ingredients than what they offer.
    • side note: I haven’t seen very many date boxes that focus on food. If they do, it’s usually packaged items that have preservatives and you buy the rest of the necessary fresh ingredients to go with it.

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Date box Options to choose from

There are quite a few different websites offering planned date nights in some form, and each has its own way of creating a good date night. But how do you know which ones are right for you? You read my reviews on 4 different date box services that I tried out!

Yep, that’s right! My husband and I tried out different date boxes with different companies and recorded our experiences with each so that you can see what they are all about! The things we looked at in each experience was the following: how entertaining, how connecting, how expensive, and how well-designed they are.

I put each date box experience in its own blog post for easier reading so click on each link below to find out more about each of these awesome date box companies!

“Date Night In” Date Box Review

“Unbox Love” Date Box Review

“Crated With Love” Date Box Review

“Datelivery” Date Box Review

I TRULY hope these reviews help you understand more about what date boxes are, what options there are out there, and which ones might be best for you to try. If you decided date boxes might not be for you, I hope at the very least it inspired some ideas for creating your own date nights!

Keepin' marriage fresh,


  • I’m curious which date box ended up being your favorite. My SO and I are kind of split between a couple. We’re thinking Unbox or Date Night In. They both looked like so much fun!

    • It’s so tough because each has their own style and own great things to love! As far as these ones that I tried, I loved the particular box we got from Unbox Love, but I love how well-thought-out the Date Night In boxes are, and how everything comes in a guided little pamphlet every time. I think it’s worth trying both, but you can get a special deal right now still where you get one box free! Go to this link and when you try out a three month subscription plan for the normal price but you get an additional night in box to try out for free. use code:FALLINLOVEONE I’m pretty sure it’s still an active deal :)

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