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The Yin & Yang Of Marriage
This is a picture of our “hobby” room. One half of the picture is Amy’s “crafting corner” and the other half is my “coding corner”. Can you tell which side is Amy’s and which is mine? Uh…let’s just say we have our own styles of organization…hahaha :)

Two IS better than one

As you can see by this picture, we are very different in some ways; I am a perfectionist, soft-spoken, and nerdy. Amy is silly, spontaneous, and crafty. I am a web developer at a software company. I love to read. I am a musician. Amy is a customer service representative at a scrapbooking company. She loves to craft. She is an artist. However, we are also very similar in many ways; we both love movies, music, chocolate, cuddle time, board games, good food, friends, family, and each other!

Why I love Amy

Soon after I proposed to Amy, my mom asked me, “Trevor, what do you love about Amy?” I told her that MY weaknesses are HER strengths. That was a profound moment for me to realize; we really do complete each other. Some of the people I know make fun of marriage and joke about how they will never sign up for, “the old ball and chain.” I just feel sad that they will never get to experience the “Yin” to their “Yang.”

“Yin and yang can be thought of as complementary (instead of opposing) forces interacting to form a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the parts.”

– Good ol’ Wikipedia

Marriage is a “Yin & Yang”. It doesn’t matter if you are different from your spouse, as long as you work together :)

Keepin’ our relationship fresh,


  • I still think you should come and get the shelf that goes with the desk. Then Trevor could store some books and junk on it to look more cluttery! We can’t use the shelf without the desk anyway.

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