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Found this quote the other day and I really liked it. Yeah it’s cheesy and cutesy, as well as simple and thought-provoking.

Bittersweet decisions

Throughout the past years I’ve come to know what’s most important in life. (Maybe it’s the selflessness I had to learn going into marriage, or maybe it’s just maturity? haha) It’s a bittersweet answer for me when I ask myself questions about the things I’m currently doing in my life. Some of those questions might be: “How many hours have I spent towards this?” “Does this actually matter in the long-run?” “Is this more important than that?” I say it’s bittersweet because I don’t like feeling that I’ve wasted time that could have been spent doing other more important things, but I also like the new perspective I gain when I make better decisions on how I spend my time.

I’ve just had thoughts recently about how sometimes we can misplace our happiness in things. Do we depend on most of our happiness to come from these things? Examples:

  • a) The person that works extra hours just to have enough money to afford the best new car every year.
  • b) The girlfriend that demands the 5 times more expensive engagement ring that her boyfriend will go in debt to afford.
  • c) The person that likes to go on camping trips with their friends every weekend.

What happens when one day we can’t have these material possessions or hobbies? Are we going to feel happy, still? The problem is relying too much upon things that lack a constance to supply us with every day happiness. While there are definitely many important things to be doing, and many important people we value, I know the most constant thing in my life is my spouse. A spouse won’t be able to meet every single one of your needs, of course. However, of all the things I think I need, he provides me with the most happiness :)

Story time

I was bummed last year when I came to the realization that I should give up scrapbooking. I loved being creative and recording memories, but it became so time-consuming and expensive with not much of a reward in return. With how much time it took to scrapbook just one past date night, I could have actually experienced two more date nights!!  When I stopped my hardcore scrapbooking, I felt better knowing that I was utilizing my time more productively doing other more important things. I still paper craft here and there on worthwhile projects because I enjoy it, but giving up the more intense side of this hobby was less of a blow because it didn’t make me nearly as happy as when I am spending time with Trevor :)

“Pause for a moment and check where your own heart and thoughts are. Are you focused on the things that matter most? How you spend your quiet time may provide a valuable clue. Where do your thoughts go when the pressure of deadlines is gone? Are your thoughts and heart focused on those short-lived fleeting things that matter only in the moment or on things that matter most?”
― Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Dear Trevor, YOU ARE MY HAPPY :)

Keepin' marriage fresh,

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