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my husband is perfect for me.

It’s November, which means most of us express extra gratitude for all of the blessings we have in our lives. As I’m very thankful for many things, the biggest blessing of all has been to have the love of my dear husband, Trevor.

I have several moments where I have so much gratitude for my spouse that I want to shout to the world, “I have the cutest husband!” However, I’m realizing that a better, more respectful thing to say, would be something along the lines of, “My husband is perfect for me” or “I’m so thankful for my husband.”

I read a blog post the other day that made me re-think how I share our happy married moments with others. She expressed how she hates seeing people share pictures on social media and accompany it with a phrase or hashtag like: “My husband is better than yours.” I’m glad I stumbled upon this blog post because it really made me think further about how I express gratitude for my spouse, while also trying to uplift others’ marriages. I felt a little guilty, realizing that I too, used to be bad at saying things like that.

Our Seemingly Perfect Lives

I think we get so caught up with everyone else’s “perfect” love lives, that we feel the need to share our own special moments to make it seem like our lives are perfect too. Here’s a big shocker: it’s not always perfect! Around that big bouquet of roses that hubby just gave you, could be a big “I’m sorry but I — (fill in the blank).” But the rest of us on instagram don’t know about the last part. We choose to show all the great moments in our marriage, which is great because no one wants to hear about the fight you just had with your spouse. However, no one’s marriage is stars and butterflies all day every day, so don’t make it seem like it is.

On the other hand, maybe that big bouquet of roses picture you just posed IS just what it’s supposed to be — a thoughtful, loving moment in your marriage.  That makes me happy! We should be happy for each other. But there’s a line between sharing a good brag about your spouse, and rubbing it in people’s faces. Those people could be your friend who is still single or a couple who is having marital issues. Of course, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your life, but do you really need to add at the end: “My  husband is better than yours!” or “I have the best husband in the entire world!!!!”

There is nothing wrong with sharing your gratitude for your spouse, publically. It’s actually important for your spouse to see that you want to brag about them to others! Public displays of affection are very encouraged, but just don’t overwhelm us all and post something every day! It’s just what we have said and what Kelsey said; share those cute, silly, and loving marriage moments in a way that inspires, rather than discourages or hurts marriages. So just so everyone knows, my husband is not better than yours, but he is perfect for me!

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